On’s Restaurant and Bar

 On’s is a great place to hang out with friends, play some pool,  watch a soccer game or the Grand Prix, join the Thursday Poker night, have Christmas parties, and many more surprises.

 If you are new to town, you can go to On’s to ask the friendly owner On and her staffs for information and advice on accommodation, ferry tickets, visa runs, tours, motorbike rentals, etc.

Nice place to eat especially when craving for Western food (American/English breakfast, potato dishes, salads, sandwiches, baguettes, burgers, mushroom pie, pizza, spaghetti, etc..)  Thai food also available, though slightly more expensive than the local restaurants. Open until very very late.

(Open from 8am-…)


Bobby’s pizza

Our favourite pizza place in town! Bobby is a very cheerful guy from Liverpool and his lovely Thai wife and 3 children make this small family business very charming and homey. Bobby even makes custom-made pizzas to your liking e.g Medium size pizza half beef pepperoni half margherita, topped with extra olives and cheese. The baked potato with Bolognese sauce is simply divine, and the homemade smoothies are berry-licious!

(Open from 9am-9pm)


Ti Baan Thai Bistro

One of our favorite places to eat and you'll know why  once you see their extensive Thai and Western menu. Pooh, the chef puts a lot of care and attention to details, while Chris makes you feel very at home. A must try. 



Go Ho Restaurant

One of the famous local Thai restaurants among foreigners thanks to their English menu and consistency in making great food.

(Open from 5pm-10pm)


Bang Rak Restaurant

Excellent Thai food with friendly staffs, nice décor and warm atmosphere. With English menu.

(Open from 5pm-10pm)


Nong Ni Restaurant

Famous in Satun for its wide range of great food. They serve the best wing bean salad in town. Many Menu in English.

(Open from 10am-10pm)


Nong Beer Restaurant

Not well-known among foreigners as it is a restaurant close to the Monkey mountain rather than in the city center. Don’t miss the fish soup with taro.

(Open from 5pm-10pm)


Time Restaurant

Quaint and interesting décor with the tables made from old sewing machine tables. Good place if you are looking for a place with AC to take a break from the heat.

(Open from 10am-9pm)


Prik Thai Steak house (right next to Time Restaurant)

A muslim restaurant which serves both local Thai food and Western food. The décor is pretty as well as air-conditioned. Try the mussels, the Salmon steak, the spicy spaghetti, and the roti with green curry amongst many others.

(Open from 10am-10pm)


Nai Gae Restaurant

One of the famous restaurants among locals. No English menu (yet) but for the adventurous, it is worth a visit. The fish / shrimp dishes are superb and the ready-made steamed egg is very yummy.


Milk Bar

This corner restaurant is always packed with vibrant youth. They serve not only a wide range of sweet drinks, but also many types of quick dishes such as fried dumplings, chicken nuggets, French fries, fried rice and noodles. Very casual and relaxing, especially if you don’t feel like eating anything heavy.

(Open from 10am-9pm)


Kampong Roti Place

A Muslim Restaurant that serves different types of roti and fried rice/noodles. The tea is like the Te Tarik of Malaysia in case you are craving for some. The crispy volcano roti with chocolate is worth a try.

(Open from 5pm-10pm)


Muang Thong Homemade Ice cream

This little shop is town-famous for its yummy ice cream especially the classic vanilla ice cream. Other nice flavors include coconut milk, mango, strawberry, chocolate etc. A MUST TRY!


Keith’s Coffee shop and Bakery

Homemade bakery by the owner P’Eak. Honey toast with ice cream + fresh mangoes, crepe cake with strawberry sauce, banana crepe with chocolate, fruity panna cotta for the calorie-concerned…. A little nice place to stop by for a nice treat.


AP Coffee shop

Our favourite coffee place in town! The nice couple Pom and Chit make great coffee and make you feel at home even though they don’t speak much English. The coffee smell and the beautiful interior make you forget all the worries of the day as soon as you step in. (True story)

(Open from 11am-8pm)


Amazon Coffee shop (for the early risers)

Wherever you see PTT gas station, you’ll see a 7/11 and an Amazon coffee shop. Open from 6:00 to 21:00, Amazon is a relaxing place for the early riser to start off the day. Other coffee shops open after 10:00.