Very well-equipped and very affordable (only 15 Baht/day). Open from 16:00-20:00 daily except for holidays.

The swimming pool is 50 baht/day. Open from 16:00-20:00 daily except on Mondays for cleaning.

Badminton court, 20 Baht/person, play as much as you want from 16:00-22:00. They have a queuing system on crowded days.


Golf-driving range

Good place to practice your swings if you have your irons and clubs with you. (I honestly doubt that many foreigners will go there but it’s just to show that Satun is not as remote and undeveloped as many people would imagine. We don’t have a golf course but hey we have a driving range!)



Good place to work out for free. Walk/jog around the track while watching others play soccer, basketball and Takro.


Traditional Thai Massage (at Big C supermarket)


Phu Phat Phet Cave

The 3rd largest cave in the world is in Satun! Rent a car or a tuk tuk to go to the cave. (Tuk tuk driver normally charges 2000 baht for this day trip) It’ll take about 1 hr drive, and the hiking + spelunking about 2 hours. Make sure to bring your own flashlights or else you can rent one for 20 baht. Then have a nice cool dip in the waterfall nearby.


Wang Sai Thong Waterfall

The layered waterfall where you can have a nice dip after visiting the Phu Pha Phet cave. Or if you don’t want to go to the cave, you could go kayaking for a few hours. There are people offering kayaking services standing by near the entrance of the waterfall. About 1200 baht for a 2-ppl kayak. (prices may change) No kayaking during rainy seasons.


Lipeh Island

One of the best places Satun has to offer for beach and snorkeling/diving lovers. It’s very close to Tarutao Island, the national park.


Hasayao Beach and nice seafood (near PSS)

A very nice motorbike drive. Also called “The 7 bridges” by foreigners as you need to pass 7 bridges before you get to the beach. The seafood there is superb, and although the beach isn’t like that of Lipeh island it’s still a nice place to relax.