Silver Lining
Silver Lining was hauled out on Feb 13th ,2009
Before going into the shed.
After X-Ray of welding seams, the owner and Capt. Kearns decided to re-weld the entire hull. In order to do this, custom-made rings were built.

After the Cariad Project, Capt. Des Kearns and his team were put in charge of the rebuild of 106 feet Aluminum hull Stephen and Sparkman Design under the approval of proud owner Mr. Chris Lenz. Silver Lining was hauled out in February 2009 and placed in PSS super yacht shed for the project. More than 30 skilled aluminum welders were employed during this period, all of them ABS certified. Many western experts were flown in for consulting on the job site.

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PSS Super Yacht Shed was constructed to house Silver Lining.
Silver Lining on June 12th, 2009 at PSS Satun, Thailand