Phithak Shipyard and Services (PSS) was established in 1992 in Ban Chebilang district, Satun province in Southern Thailand, with the demand for repair and maintenance services for commercial boats such as fishing boats, cargo boats, and official vessels.

     PSS and its staffs aim to provide efficient and friendly services for boat repair and maintenance by supplying quality materials, good workmanship and tools at a reasonable price. Boaters are welcome to stay on board and DIY. 

    With more than 2 decades of experience, PSS is highly trusted by customers and in 2005, PSS expanded its services for pleasure yachts. The yard is capable of handling a maximum of 200 tons, can accommodate 32 boats and has 60 staffs working full-time.



     Phithak Shipyard and Services Ltd., Part. is located in Satun province, on the west coast of Southern Thailand Address : 349 Moo 2, Chebilang, Muang, Satun 91000 Thailand. Coordinates :Latitude 6° 39' 25.02N and Longitude 99° 58' 18E (Map datum is WGS84)



By Land Travel

     If you are travelling with your own vehicle, start at Chebilang intersection (in Satun town) and go westward on road number 4051 for 12 km, then you will arrive at another intersection. Then go westward for about 1 kilometer through the village. PSS is on your right.

     By public transportation, there is a tuktuk/ seong taew (modified pickup truck) stand in front of the 7/11 store near the Chebilang intersection. Simply tell the drivers that you're going to PSS in Ban Chebilang. You will have to wait until the car is full. You will be charged 30 baht/seat. Also, there is the motorbike taxi available there as well. You can go anytime you like. Charges are at least 150 baht.

By Ferry Boat

       By ferry from Langkawi, Malaysia. You will arrive at Tammalang Ferry Terminal. There are small buses and taxis from the ferry terminal to Satun town. The Satun-Tammalang bus station is the same place as the Satun-Ban Chebilang bus station. When you arrive at the bus station, take public transportation as mentioned above (By Land Travel). Car-taxi and Motorbike-taxi can go directly to PSS. Of course, you have to pay extra.


By Air

     The nearest Airport to PSS is Hadyai International Airport (in Hadyai city, Songkla province) which is about 100 kilometers away. There're buses, vans, and taxis from Hadyai town to Satun. Tell the driver to drop you off at Chebilang intersection. When you arrive at the bus station there, take public transportation as mentioned above (By Land Travel).

     You can also travel to Langkawi International Airport, then go to the Ferry Jetty in Kuah, Langkawi. Then take a ferry to Tammalang port, as mentioned in "By Ferry Boat".