Item Price Remarks
Haul-out MonoHull 12,000 THB for length up to 45ft.,
400 THB for each foot longer
Launching included. If the cradle needs modifications, additional charges may apply
Haul-out Multi-hulls 12,000 THB for beam up to 28ft. Launching included. If the cradle needs modifications, additional charges may apply
Hard stand * 5% of Haul-out charge, per day  
Electricity 8 THB / Unit (KW*H)  
Water 55 THB / Unit (Cu.M.)  
Pressure Washing 1,500 THB for length up to 35ft.,
40 THB for each foot longer
Barnacles scraping included
Heavy Sanding 1,200 THB / Man / Day Heavy Sander Consumables excluded
Light Sanding 1000 THB / Man / Day Wet Sand or Palm Sander Consumables excluded
Fiberglassing (Contractor) 1,400 THB / Man / Day

Consumables excluded

General Painters (antifouling) 1,000 THB / Man / Day Consumables excluded

Topsides, Deck, Cockpit, Mast & Interior paint team (Contractor)

1,400 THB / Man / Day

1700 THB / Man / Day

1400 baht for each worker doing surface preparation, heavy/light sanding, fiberglass, masking, etc.

1700 baht for each worker on Spray Days.

General Workers 800 THB / Man / Day subject to availability
Carpenters (Contractor) 1,400 THB / Man / Day  
Machine Shop Works To Be Quoted By Job  
Crane (Mobile) 4,500 THB for the first 2 hours,
2,000 THB for the next hours
Minimum 2 hours
Tent Rental Small : 400 THB / Day
Big : 600 THB / Day
Minimum 30 days (8,000 THB additional charge if less)
Storage Container 4,000 THB / Month 20' Cargo Container
Scaffolds 50 THB / Set / Day Free for the first 2 sets
Sand Blasting Above Water Line : 1,700 THB / Sq.M.
Below Water Line : 1,500 THB / Sq.M.
Primer paints not included
Steel Galvanizing 55 THB / Kg. May take up to 3 weeks
House Rental

5,000, 5,500, 6,000 THB / Month

(Depending on the size of the house)

Minimum 1 month at start.And minimum 2 weeks afterwards. Water and electricity bills not included

Car Rental


Motorbike Rental

500 baht/day,   3000 baht/week, 8000 baht/month

150 baht/day,   1000 baht/week,  3500 baht/month

Provide gas receipt of 150 baht or 200 baht charge applies

Provide gas receipt of 60 baht or 80 baht charge applies 

Car and bikes are for use within Satun only. For long distance, please contact our office for a more suitable car.

Effective as from May 2019.

Service rates include VAT and may be adjusted at anytime without notice, Please contact us for the latest information.
We accept  visa mastercard (2.20% surcharge to be applied).

 * Cradle may not be with your boat the entire period of the project. We reserve the right to remove the cradle and prop your boat on the hardstand.